YouTube Polymer Clay Tutorials – Videos Worth Watching First!

Hi All! So you want to give polymer clay a try. I remember when I first began seeing polymer clay art on the internet, I was fascinated! The beautiful objects that were being created were just unbelievable. Everything from jewelry to home decor to things you can use everyday like keychains, business card holders etc. I […]

Making Polymer Clay Jewelry – Make Beads With Your Scrap Clay, Fast!

Hello Everyone! Making polymer clay jewelry is fun and rewarding. You can wear your baubles or give them as gifts. Jewelry you create becomes wearable art! Beads are Fun and Easy! One of the easiest components to make for polymer clay jewelry is beads. You can make colored beads, covered beads, and painted beads. Using […]

Polymer Clay Techniques Taken from other Art Forms – Mokume Gane

A very interesting and beautiful technique used by polymer clay artists is Mokume Gane (pronounced moe-koo-may gah-nay). This technique was developed by Japanese metal work artists during the 17th century. It was first used on swords but then was refined and used on other objects. The literal translation is “wood grain metal”. It involves layers […]

Polymer Clay Techniques Taken from Other Art Forms – Millefiori

Hello Everyone! This series of blogs is about polymer clay techniques that come from techniques used in other art forms. First, we will learn about the art of Millefiori. The Italians are So Creative! Millefiori comes from the Italian words “thousand” and “flowers”. It is term used in ancient glass making techniques. Cross sections from bundles of […]