Free Polymer Clay Texture Tools – Just Look Around!

Hope everyone is having a great week! The heat here in Arkansas has let up a bit so it’s not unbearable to walk outside.

I thought I would give you some ideas of free polymer clay texture tools that you can find around the house. They are things that can make a big impact on your polymer clay projects.

Let’s Get Thrifty!

First, look for things with interesting patterns or textures. Things like scrubbie pads, old toothbrushes, packaging from foods and other items, and anything that looks like it may work for a cool texture. Here are some examples I found.

polymer clay texture
A part of a pen.

I took apart an old pen and found a small plastic piece. It makes great small circles.

polymer clay texture
Scrubbie Pad

I use this texture on the back of my pendants. It covers any finger prints you may leave behind.

polymer clay texture

I created this texture with the pointy ends of small scissors. You can use it to texturize flowers or leaves. It also kind of reminds me of pleats.

polymer clay texture
Oven Mitt

This silicone oven mitt makes a honeycomb design. Keep in mind that if you use kitchen items with polymer clay, dedicate them for clay use only.

polymer clay texture
Phillips Head Screwdriver

This pattern, made with the tip of a phillips head screwdriver, reminds me of stitches. Look through your household tools for neat heads that can create new textures.

polymer clay texture
Beads or Pieces of Jewelry

Interesting beads and pendants are great for polymer clay designs. Look through your jewelry box for old metal shapes you can incorporate into projects.

polymer clay texture
Plastic Wrap

Try balled up plastic wrap or aluminum foil for textures.

polymer clay texture
Metal Business Card Holder

I used my floral business card holder to make an unusual floral pattern on clay.

polymer clay texture
Drill Bit

This small drill bit makes a cool rippled texture. I am definitely going to find a use for this!

As you can see, you can find all kinds of things around the house that will create fun , unique textures on polymer clay. Going forward we will be using some of these in polymer clay projects that you will love! So look around and stash some fun, free tools in your clay arsenal.

Send a comment of something you have found to create texture. I would love to hear about it!

Peace, Love & Polymer Clay!




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