Makin’s Professional Ultimate Clay Machine Review – Is It Worth the Money?

Product: Makin’s Professional Ultimate Clay Machine

Price: $54.99 (retail)

Best Price I Have Found:

Width of Rollers: 7 Inches

Number of Settings: 9 thickness settings

My Rating: 7 out of 10


Makin’s Professional Ultimate Clay Machine Product Overviewpolymer clay machine








A pasta or polymer clay conditioning machine is a must-have for polymer clay hobbyists and professionals. But there are many machines out there, ranging from very inexpensive to very pricy. When starting out with polymer clay, it is recommended to start with a lower cost machine. You don’t want to buy the cheapest one you can find because it will not hold up long. I also would not buy the most expensive because you may not need it. This machine is on the lower end and will suffice for the beginner up to intermediate polymer clay artist.


  • What I like about this clay machine is that has a wider roller than most. It is 7 inches wide where most pasta and polymer clay machines are 5 1/2 inches wide.
  • It has a stainless steel outer casing which wipes clean easily.
  • The Makin’s Professional Ultimate Clay Machine has nine thickness settings instead of seven. Although you may not use them all, it’s nice to have the option.
  • There is a motor that you can purchase separately and attach to it so you won’t have to use the crank handle. This is great if you have arthritis or other trouble with your hands.
  • It makes conditioning clay and creating blends almost effortless.
  • As opposed to a pasta machine, you won’t be paying for extra attachments you don’t need (like a fettucini slicer).


  • The rollers are actually made of plastic instead of stainless steel. This should not be a real issue as your clay should be relatively flat before putting it through the machine.
  • The quality is lower than a higher priced machine.
  • It has the clean up the same as other similar machines. You need to clean the rollers and underneath before changing clay colors.

Makin’s Professional Ultimate Clay Machine is a decent machine to start out with. If you decide that polymer clay is something you want to stick with and find that you use your clay machine daily and excessively, you can always upgrade later. I will be reviewing upgraded clay conditioning machines soon.

Makin’s is a well known company to polymer clay artists. So you may want to consider this machine for your polymer clay needs.


.polymer clay machine

Here is a link to the Makin’s Professional Ultimate Clay Machine Motor if you are interested.

polymer clay machine motor

I hope you learned some good information about this polymer clay machine. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Have a great day and Happy Claying!

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4 thoughts on “Makin’s Professional Ultimate Clay Machine Review – Is It Worth the Money?

  1. Sandie

    can the Makin’s Professional Ultimate Clay Machine Motor be attached to other pasta machines or is it exclusively for this one?

    1. Leslie Shimasaki

      Hi Sandie, The Makins Clay Machine motor is made for the Makins Professional Ultimate Clay Machine. I have read that some have used it with their pasta machine. I guess it depends if the machines have similar dimensions. I could not find any literature saying that you can or cannot use it with another pasta machine, but I would probably just use it for the Makins machine.Thanks for the question. Have a great day!

  2. Alejandra

    I’m glad I got into your website today.

    I did polymer clay a few years ago, and I love it, I would love to do it again.
    Thanks for sharing this Professional Ultimate Clay Machine Review, I would never thought a there could be a machine to work with polymer clay.
    This machine will make the work easier, and if you’re working on many pieces the same it will help the crafter to do every piece the same.
    Great idea!

    1. Leslie Shimasaki

      Thanks for the comment! Yes, I love working with polymer clay and a polymer clay machine makes it so much easier. This one is pretty good for the price too! Have a great day!


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