Polymer Clay – My Journey, won’t you join me?

Polymer Clay Jewelry
Polymer Clay Mokume Gane Jewelry

Hey everybody! Welcome to my blog. I would like to start by saying thanks for landing here. I am embarking on a new adventure with polymer clay. Wait, what? A blog? Sure, why not! Shedding light on this wonderful medium is my way of sharing peace, love and polymer clay!

Polymer Clay Cuff Bracelet
Polymer Clay Cuff Bracelet

I have been crafty all my life and have tried many different mediums. I have experimented with paint, paper, home decor, flower arranging, candle making, and others. When I found polymer clay, I admit, I played around a little with it, then put it in a drawer. But then a couple of years later, I rediscovered it and I absolutely love it! You can do almost anything with it. You can make polymer clay jewelry, wall decor, miniatures, vases and just about anything else you can think of. I have even created my first polymer clay “painting” pictured below..

Polymer Clay Beach
Polymer Clay Beach

The clay itself is inexpensive, as are a lot of the tools you use to start out. Many  tools you can find around your home. If polymer clay is something you may consider trying, please subscribe to my blog and browse through the topics.

Along the way I will showcase polymer clay artists that will amaze you. We will learn tips and tricks from the pros. I will share tutorials that will get your creative juices flowing. I also hope to build a like-minded creative community here. I hope you will join me in this adventure. Together we can create wonderful things!



Peace, Love & Polymer Clay!

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One thought on “Polymer Clay – My Journey, won’t you join me?

  1. Maurice Jackson

    This introduction into polymer clay art is a concept of self-expression that I thought was for the more experience artist. Clearly shows that beginners can do decent work and with inexpensive tools.

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