Polymer Clay Techniques Taken from Other Art Forms – Millefiori

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This series of blogs is about polymer clay techniques that come from techniques used in other art forms. First, we will learn about the art of Millefiori.

The Italians are So Creative!

Millefiori comes from the Italian words “thousand” and “flowers”. It is term used in ancient glass making techniques. Cross sections from bundles of long colored rods are used to decorate glassware. The way the rods are bundled creates patterns. The creation of these rods, or canes, is complex and artists take years to learn the process. Below is a photo of glass millefiori rods cut into slices. These slices would then be melted onto glassware.

glass millefiori
Credit:Murano Millefiori


Here is an example of glass canes being created.

polymer caly cane
Credit: ColdFusionGlass


Using Millefiori Cane Techniques with Polymer Clay

Some smartie figured out how to use this same technique with polymer clay! And it is awesome!By building a “cane” of different shapes and colors. you can design a cane with any design you wish. Cane building takes time, patience and practice. You can start with the most basic canes and work your way up to more intricate designs. I will be showing you basic canes to start with such as the bullseye cane, striped cane, jellyroll and checkerboard cane. With these starter canes, you can learn to build more complex canes. Here are some examples of polymer clay millefiori canes made by some awesome artists!

polymer clay cane
Credit: Mo Clay


polymer clay cane
Credit: Ronit Golan


polymer clay cane
Credit: Mo Clay


polymer clay cane
Credit: Wendy Jorre de St Jorre

Let’s Start Caning!



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