Polymer Clay Tools & Supplies

The Basic Tools for Polymer Clay

When starting a new hobby, one can get bogged down by deciding what polymer clay tools and supplies to buy. I know I wanted to purchase everything I saw after watching some YouTube videos. I suggest starting slow though. It can get costly and I think buying new tools should come as you grow in your craft. However, there are some basic polymer clay tools and supplies beginners  will need. Most of these are pretty cheap and some you can find around the house.

Acrylic Roller

First, you will need an acrylic roller. This is for rolling out your clay flat and conditioning your clay. There are many on the market. You can use other items to roll out your clay, but an acrylic roller is the perfect size and is very smooth so it won’t leave marks on your clay.

Pasta Machine

Since polymer clay needs to be conditioned (mixed and softened), you may want to consider getting a pasta machine. It makes conditioning very easy and allows you roll out sheets of an even thickness. It is one item that I Pasta machinespent the most money on. I spent about $40 on it. You can spend much more, but I wouldn’t until you are sure you want a high-end machine. My first was a basic model and works great!



Tissue Blade

Next, a tissue blade. You will need this for cutting polymer clay and scraping ittissue blade off of your work surface. Sculpey has a set of blades you may like. One is stiff, one is flexible, and two have curves of different sizes.


Ceramic Tile

You will need a work surface. A ceramic tile or piece of glass works great. I use an 18″ x 18″ smooth tile I picked up at Lowes for a of couple dollars. I also have a second tile, 12″ x 12″ for baking my creations. Glass is nice because you can see through it and you can place a piece of grid paper under it. This helps in cutting straight lines at regular increments.

Craft Knife

An X-acto  knife or similar craft knife is very handy. There are inexpensive and easy to find. you will use them for cutting and trimming.




Ball Stylus Set

A set of ball stylus is a wonderful to have. You can use them for all kinds of things like sculpting, creating textures, adding paint or small bits of clay to a project, and so much more. I found this set on Amazon And I love it!

ball stylus

Free Tools!

Items from around the house such as toothpicks, old toothbrush, basic cookie cutters and anything that creates textures are great for polymer clay. Sand paper, brillo pads, even balled up tin foil create interesting textures. If you use items from the kitchen, you will have to dedicate them for clay use.

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