Polymer Clay Tutorials

I’m excited that your are learning to work with polymer clay! It is easy to use and the possibilities are endless! Here are some polymer clay tutorials for beginners to get started. These are basics that every budding polymer clay artist needs to know.

The Very Basics of Polymer Clay

Conditioning Polymer Clay

Conditioning polymer clay is essential to creating beautiful objects!  Read this info to get started!

Baking Polymer Clay

Proper baking is essential for your creations.

Storing Your Polymer Clay

How to keep your clay clean and ready to go!

The Skinner Blend 

Create beautiful gradients for your polymer clay work.

Polymer Clay Canes for Beginners

Begin here to learn about this artform using polymer clay.

Texture Stamps for Polymer Clay

Add design elements to your clay with textures.

Marble Technique for Polymer Clay

Create the look of marble with polymer clay

Using Cutters on Polymer Clay

Use cutters for interesting shapes.

Using Molds with Polymer Clay

Bargello Technique for Polymer Clay   

Create geometric patterns with polymer clay.



What you should know about baking your creations!

Please leave a comment or suggestion for more tutorials below. I love the interaction from my readers!

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