Striped Bulls Eye Cane – Polymer Clay Canes for Beginners


The Fun and Easy Striped Bulls Eye Cane!

Let’s jump right into learning to make polymer clay canes. It is easy and fun.

What You Need for this Project:

  • 1 Block each of two contrasting colors of clay
  • Tissue blade
  • Pasta machine or acrylic roller

Let’s Get Started!

You first want to choose two contrasting colors. Black and white is a good first attempt, or choose whatever two colors you want.

Condition the colors. I use the thickest setting on my pasta machine or you can just squish it in your hands. Using 1/2 block of clay, roll the color that you want for the center into a log about 1/2″ in diameter and trim to about 3″ long. Roll out the second color into thin sheet. Use the #4 or #5 setting on the pasta machine.

Log and sheet of polymer clay



Next, trim the sheet to the width of the log and place the log at the end.

Roll log onto the sheet



Now you will gently roll the sheet around the log being careful not to trap air bubbles in between. Roll until the end of the sheet makes an indention on the clay, letting you know where to trim the clay without extra overlap.

tight roll of clay


Trim the clay and smooth the out the clay where the ends meet up.

Trim the clay



You now have your first cane element!

Beginning of bullseye cane



Roll out another sheet of the center color. Wrap this sheet around the log. You now have a bulls eye cane.

Another layer of clay

You can continue adding layers if you like. They can be thick or thin. You can add other colors as well. In this example I added green to the mix.

Let’s Make Stripes!

I also rolled out a sheet of black and white and layered them. Make the sheet the width of the bulls eye cane. We will use this for the stripes.

Bullseye cane and stripe sheet



When you have your sheet assembled, you are going to slice thin stripes from it. Cut your slices from of the sheet. Cut them straight and even.

Cut stripes from sheet



While keeping them as straight as possible, place each stripe along the side of the bulls eye cane. Make sure the colors alternate as you move along.

Add stripes to cane



Keep going until you completely surrounded the outside. It should look something like this.

Stripes surrounding cane



Gently roll your cane a little to adhere the pieces together. You can also use your fingers to gently squeeze the cane making sure to keep the stripes straight. You will now let it rest before reducing and trimming it.

Gently roll the cane to stick it together



Wow! You now have a striped bulls eye cane! A great start to the art of caning.

Finished bullseye cane

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