Learn to Build Polymer Canes – A Skill You Will Love!


Let’s Get Caning!

Learning to make polymer clay canes, for beginners, can seem somewhat daunting. But if you start out with basic polymer clay canes, you will see that they are really just simple shapes and techniques that will grow into more complex designs as you move along! It’s like learning the alphabet and then using the letters to make more and more complex words. Start simple and soon you will grasp the intricacies of  kaleidoscope and millefiori canes. Below are simple cane tutorials that you can practice with.

Important Info on Making Polymer Clay Canes

  • You will need to condition your clay before caning. Here is link to conditioning polymer clay.
  • When using light colors and dark colors. Start with your light color first and clean your hands and work surface in between colors. Clean your roller and pasta machine off in between colors. Some colors will leave residue on hands and surfaces and you don’t want to contaminate your other colors with it.

After making a cane, let it rest. This means leaving it alone for a day or two or you can refrigerate it for a half hour or so. This is important because slicing it when it is too soft will drag down the design when you slice it. Try it on some scrap clay and see what I mean.


Striped Bulls Eye Cane 

bulls eye cane


Striped Jelly Roll Cane

striped jelly roll cane


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