Silkscreen Your Polymer Clay – Not Just for T-shirts Anymore!

One of my favorite techniques for polymer clay is using silkscreens on it. Silkscreens for polymer clay are a way to apply paint or other mediums to your polymer clay. It is like using stencils but the designs are more intricate and detailed. It’s easy, fun and makes for a dramatic effect on clay. There are hundreds available out there. When looking for a silkscreen, just make sure it is geared toward polymer clay. These will have small designs you can use for jewelry and many other projects.

silk screen clay


 Polymer Clay Silk Screens

A great way to start with silkscreens is by getting a kit.


Sculpey makes a nice silkscreen kit you can buy that is reasonably priced. It includes 4 sheets of different designs and two colors of paint. It also includes a squeegee for applying the paint. The best price I found was on Amazon. Click here for information.

silk screen kit

As you can see, my kit is well used. Be sure to wash the paint off immediately! Below are a couple of examples I made using this kit.

silk screen pendant
Silkscreened Pendant


silk screen earrings
Silkscreened Earrings

I hope you will give silkscreens for polymer clay a try. It adds another dimension to your projects and another technique to you claying arsenal! Have a great day! Please leave a comment if you have any questions or ideas on silkscreens.

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