Storing Your Polymer Clay – How Not to Ruin It!

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This article is about storing your polymer clay safely. It stinks when you go to use your clay and it is covered in dust or pet hair. So let’s look at ways to keep it safe.

Storage Containers

Since polymer clay is made with plasticizers, you have to be careful with what type of container you use to store it. Some plastic containers will react with the plasticizers and “melt” the plastic. You don’t want to have this happen as you will have to throw both the clay and the container away. Many plastic containers will have a recycle number on the bottom. Ones that are generally safe have the numbers #1, #2, #4 and #5. Glass and metal containers are safe. If the plastic is cloudy, it is generally safe. No matter what container I use, I like to keep my polymer clay in its original wrapper until I use it.

Plastic Baggies and Wrap

Plastic sandwich bags and plastic wrap work well for polymer clay. These will keep out dust and dirt while not reacting with the plasticizers in the clay.

Tool/Tackle Boxes

I like the idea of using storage boxes with many drawers. It is nice to be able to see easily what colors of clay you have on hand. My husband found a nice one on Amazon and gave it to me for Christmas. I love it, and it was less than $30. I will get another one soon. I lined the drawers with wax paper just be safe although I think the plastic is fine for clay. You do not want to line the drawers with regular paper. The plasticizers will leach into the paper and your clay will be less flexible. The one I got has many small drawers to hold 2 oz. blocks of clay and some large drawers for the bigger 8oz. blocks.

clay storageclay storage

Watch that temperature!

You want to keep your clay away from heat and sunlight. Exposing polymer clay to heat will cause it to harden. It’s like beginning the baking process. Direct sunlight can heat up clay and it can also fade the colors. Once baked, the clay is very durable but again, if it sits in direct sunlight, such as wind chime, the color made fade over time. Some brands of polymer clay fade more than others.

I hope this article helps you in finding ways to store polymer clay. If you have any questions, comments, or other ideas, please leave them below!

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