The Basics of Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay Rocks!

So you want to give polymer clay a try. Take it from me, start with the basics! I remember when I first began seeing polymer clay art on the internet, I was fascinated! The beautiful objects that were being created were just unbelievable. Everything from jewelry to home decor to things you can use everyday like keychains, business card holders etc. I couldn’t wait to get started! I ran out and bought some polymer clay​ and a few tools. But I wish I had done a little research first. The brand of clay I bought was not a quality I liked. When I baked my items they were brittle and broke easily. I also jumped into some tutorials that were way over my head even though the creators of the tutorials made it look so easy!

Start With the Basics!

​Starting with polymer clay tutorials for beginners is the way to go. I found myself frustrated that I wasn’t getting the results I wanted immediately. My projects just looked wonky. Instead of learning the very basics of polymer clay first, I thought I could be professional right off the bat. Doing this only leads to being disappointed and you may even quit before you really get going. Be sure to start with the very basics and practice, practice, practice!

Polymer Clay Tutorials for Beginners I Recommend!

​First of all, you need to learn the properties of polymer clay and what it can and can’t do. While you can make just about anything with polymer clay, it should not be used with food or items that may hold food. Here is some info about this subject.

Polymer Clay for Beginners​

Polymer Clay Information

Another subject that is helpful for beginners is baking your polymer clay. I have found that baking polymer clay correctly is crucial to being successful at making wonderful projects. There are manufacturer instructions included with the clay but sometimes you have to fiddle with them a little. Here is some more information on baking polymer clay.

Baking Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay Oven & Related Info

Polymer Clay: Baking/Curing

What Brand of Polymer Clay is Best?

There are many brands of polymer clay on the market. Some are softer, which is good if your hands are weak or you deal with arthritis. Some are stiff and lend themselves to more professional needs. There are pros and cons to each. Below are some links to guide you when choosing a brand to start off with.

Polymer Clay Brands Review

Battle of the Brands

Polymer Clay Brands


Polymer Clay Tools

Basics tools for polymer clay are mostly inexpensive and easy to find. If you set yourself up with these, crafting will be fun and relaxing. Start with basics and grow your tool kit as you go along.  Check out these links to get you started.

Polymer Clay Basic Tools

Getting Started

Tools for Polymer Clay

As you can see there are many great resources to learn polymer clay. Surf the web and subscribe to this site below for lots of great information and tutorials to teach you the basics of polymer clay. Happy Claying!




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