What’s the Deal with Polymer Clay? Part One

Hey Everyone! I thought I would give the low down on polymer clay and what makes it special! There are a bunch of crafting materials out there for you to enjoy. Some have been around for eons. Why? Because they are rich in history and can be used in everyday life. Here are some of the ones I have enjoyed.

Paper crafting has been around for awhile. I have seen beautiful wall art sculpted in only paper. Fantastic cards and scrapbooks to give friends and family always gets a smile. Origami is so cool and is an ancient art.

Jewelry, once only for the wealthy and affluent, now is worn by everyone

Painting and sculpture are some of the oldest art forms and continue to wow people to this day.

Making miniatures of anything has always fascinated me. I love tiny stuff! I had dollhouses as a kid. Not really for the dolls but the tiny furniture, tiny food and things like plants, animals and architecture.


But Why Polymer Clay? I’ll Tell You Why!

Because you can do all of these things with polymer clay! We will be looking at two of these areas in this post. I will go into more in Part Two.

Polymer clay can be molded, sculpted, painted, and more. Lets start with paper crafts. Here are some examples of paper crafts now also made from polymer clay. The photos below are all made of polymer clay.

polymer clay cranes
Credit: Judy Dunn




Origami –  The ancient art of paper folding.





Credit: MsTapioca



Card and Scrapbook Embellishments – Once only made of paper or fabric.





Credit: Shannon Strez





Quilling –  The art of curling strips of paper to create images.



These are only a couple of examples. Next we will look at Jewelry making. The wonderful items below are examples of polymer clay jewelry.

Credit: Aniko Kolesnikova








sutton slice
Credit: Leslie Shimasaki







lentil earrings
Credit: Maksim Mantuli









polymer clay bracelets
Credit: Evgeniya Aleksandrova









In part two, I will show you some more fabulous examples of polymer clay items and all that polymer clay can be!

Cheers, Leslie

Peace, Love & Polymer Clay!


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2 thoughts on “What’s the Deal with Polymer Clay? Part One

  1. Melani

    It looks beautiful. How to make polymer clay accessories? Will watch this website to know the answer.

    1. Leslie Shimasaki

      Thank you Melani! I will be adding more tutorials shortly. I appreciate the comment and check back soon!

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