YouTube Polymer Clay Tutorials – Videos Worth Watching First!

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So you want to give polymer clay a try. I remember when I first began seeing polymer clay art on the internet, I was fascinated! The beautiful objects that were being created were just unbelievable. Everything from jewelry to home decor to things you can use everyday like keychains, business card holders etc. I couldn’t wait to get started! I ran out and bought some polymer clay​ and a few tools. But I wish I had done a little research first. The brand of clay I bought was not a quality I liked. When I baked my items they were brittle and broke easily. I also jumped into some tutorials that were way over my head even though the creators of the tutorials made it look so easy!

Basics of Polymer Clay

I’m excited to bring you hand picked videos I have found on YouTube. As a relatively new polymer clay enthusiast myself (just over a year), I find this is especially helpful when you are just starting out with polymer clay.

As I have said before, when I first started out I jumped in feet first and tried all kinds of projects before really knowing the basics. This leads to frustration! By taking your time and building a solid foundation of basic skills, you have more success at the more intense techniques. Now of course some people can just sit down with a new medium and start creating right away. Most of us are not like that! So I have sifted through many many videos out there and narrowed them down to some favorites. The ones I chose have clear instructions and the artists give some great advice as to how you can improve your skills.

Let’s Jump In!

In this post I will present some videos on very basic concepts. When learning polymer clay, you want to know how the medium will act as you play with it.

My favorite basics video is by Christi Friesen. She is part of Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, which you may find yourself a customer of later. She is really funny and very knowledgeable. She explains clay, tools and concepts quickly and with some humor. Christi is a great teacher and has written many books on polymer clay as well.


Another Basics video I like is one from Polyform, the company that makes the Sculpey line of polymer clays. There is really good info here.


 And one more to get you going. You will find different information on different videos so more is better! This one is from Polymer Clay Tutor and describes the tools to get started with.

I recommend watching these videos for a quick understanding of the world of polymer clay. You will get something different from each one. YouTube polymer clay videos are excellent for getting you started! Stayed tuned and subscribe below to my blog for more great info! Comments are always welcome.

Have a great clay day!



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